Saturday, 4 January 2014

Disney Stars Gone Even More Wrong

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
So waaaaaaaay back in June or early July, one of my first posts was about Disney Stars Gone Wrong. And a couple of days ago , I was checking my Stats and it is still one of the most popular posts on this blog! So as its been nearly 7 months since this blog started, and since I have 50 followers, I thought why not do a 2nd one of this post! 
Original Disney Stars post :

So where to begin hmmmMILEY CYRUS. A lot has happened since the first post for miley! Heres my list : 
Twerking . Instead of her little Hannah Monntanna (remember her?) dance moves, Miley does the bootay shake! If someone said twerking to me, I would think of Miley Cyrus. 

Miley has got her music career back on track though! Its a bit infamous though, the We Cant Stop video was bad, but she was in clothes haha. I really like the song Wrecking Ball, but the video is quite off putting. 

Three letters : VMA. In case you didnt know (for all my readers living under a rock haha joking) miley performed blurred lines with Robin Thicke at the VMA's. She wore VERY little and twerked and foam fingered and tounge out and oadbulsdvgoursgg not the way to go! 

The next Disney Star that is my Victim is Joe Jonas. He hasnt gone messed up to be honest, it was just something he recently revealed which I had to include. Basically, in an american interview he said Demi and Miley convinced him to try smoking weed, and he was into it for a bit. And this isnt to do with this post but the Jonas Brothers have split up! On good terms though but still waah. 

Dylan Sprouse (zack, not cody) awwwh I really thought these twins were the minority that wernt messed up. But Dylan sent a naked pic to a girl and she leaked it online. But when it came out he didnt think he had done anything wrong and said he 'looked good' Childhood officially over.
The twins now. To be fair, I dont think they are THAT messed up, i love them too much hahaha. 

This one I literally stared at my ipad in horror. Remembee the skater guy who admitted playing the cello in the Satus Quo song from High School musical? A couple years back he was arrested for trying to rob a pizza place at gunpoint. NOOOOOOOOOOOO 

This happened before he was on disney channel , but whatever. MR MOSEBY (Phill Lewis) from Suite Life was charged with MANSLAUGHTER in 1991 (ages ago, but woaah)  for killing a 21 year old whilst drunk driving. That just ruined your life right? :( 

So I hope you enjoyed this second eddition of disney stars gone wrong, it was extremely fun to write (but a bit depresssing) and some really shocked me =D if you havent already go check out my first Disney Stars Gone Wrong post (link is above somewhere) 
Byeeee! xxx


  1. The Dylan Sprouse nudes oh god! It's still talked about on Tumblr (at least his hair is better than Cole's, sorry not sorry) Loved the post! :D x

    1. I know, what is cole thinking with long hair? Haha thank you! Xx

  2. OMG! Disney stars are... wow. I'm speechless. I had no idea about the Dylan Sprouse thing, or the the Phil Lewis thing! Great post! xx

    1. I know, being a child star clearly messes you up. I was so shocked about Phil Lewis, woah manslaughter? Thank you xx

  3. The sprouse twins are pretty cool about everything though. They're twitter pages are hilarious so I forgive him for doing that.

    1. Yeah, i like Dylans description on his twitter account : A child actor who does not do meth =D xx


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