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Cosmetic Testing on Animals: What You Need To Know

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A couple weeks ago at school my friend (shoutout to my bae Helena) was on the house debating team. Their debate was all about if animal testing should be banned or not. This got me thinking about animal testing in general, and as I have a beauty blog, I figured I would talk about it on here, haha.

*warning! If you dont like seeing the effects of animal testing, this post is probably not for you. Also disclaimer, this is just my opinion, I would love to hear yours, but please dont be mean! If any companies are reading, I am not trying to exploit your company, I'm just providing information for my readers.* 

Before researching this, I was against animal testing, but I knew deep down I would always have a splurge on MAC makeup if I could, and not think about the animals. Which does sound harsh, but I am sure a lot of beauty junkies would feel the same. I have been horrified by the amount of brands testing on animals and the slightly disturbing photos.

Here are some great links for more information: (information about animal testing for the USA and rest of the world) 

 What cosmetic testing effectively means for the animals is that the companies want to check their products won't irritate humans (eg mascara, shampoo) . It sounds like its just makeup being put o
n animals, but how they put the products on the animals can be a lot worse than how it sounds.

I am not going to list all the companies that test on animals, because unfortunately there is a lot, but the big brands you should know about are all here: (Click for the full list) 
Almay                                   Ralph Lauren Fragrances 
Aveda                                    Revlon
Bobbi Brown                         Sally Hansen
Bumble and Bumble              Sensodyne
Cover Girl                               Smashbox
Dove                                       TRESemme
Elizabeth Arden.                       Vasaline
Estee Lauder
Georgio Armani
Joe Malone
L'Oreal (USA) 
I am not too sure how recent this list is, because clinique was on there and I am fairly certain they have stopped testing on animals. But anyways thats not the point, what I want to say is that a lot of brands test on animals, and you should know about the products you are buying. 

Now on a more postive note, a list of brands that are cruelty free: 
Barry M
Body Shop
Burts Bees
By Terry
Hard Candy
Liz Earle (however the whole comapany, AVON, does admit to animal testing)
Nails inc
Urban Decay

So far, what I have told is a bit sad, but the following pictures (none of which are my own) should bring the reality of animal testing. Bear in mind theses animals have no say in whether they get tested on or not. The whole experience for them is not pleseant, and sometimes they can die from it. I completely understand that harming a human like this would not be acceptable, so harming an animal is better, right? But think of all the cruelty free makeup brands, they manage to get by without testing on animals? 

I personally find the worst photo the one on the bottom right. Just seeing all those rabbits looking so upset and knowing what will happen to them. Is makeup really worth that when brands can be cruelty free? And then in some countries, products have to be tested on animals for health and safety. That just seems crazy because not every country is taking that measure, so why do they need to? 

Another picture I found quite poignant was this one which shows how the animals feel as they get tested on. I think everyone will interpret this in their own way.

In my opinion there is no need to test on animals for makeup. There are so many cruelty free brands, after reading this I hope you would agree you would be happy to pay a couple pounds extra for makeup that has not been tested on animals. With so many brands testing on animals, it is hard not to buy products from them. I am sure when I see a lipstick from a non cruelty free brand I will grab it if its in the perfect shade. I am going to make a concious effort to research the makeup before I buy it, and I certainly have a new found respect for brands that don't test on animals. 

Please leave me comments below on your thoughts, I would love to know. My apologies if any of my facts are wrong in this post, I tried my best! This is not my usual post so I hope you enjoyed. 


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